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Startup Experience offers intensive transformational workshops designed to inspire the next generation of young entrepreneurs.

We introduce students to the entrepreneurial mindset and provide hands-on training in high impact entrepreneurship. Students build creative capacity, entrepreneurial confidence, and learn effective tools to build new ventures. Learn more by watching our founder at TEDx:


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Students turn problems into new entrepreneurial opportunities

The workshop simulates life in a startup, challenging students to learn new modes of team-based problem solving, ideation, and business model development to create a working foundation for a viable company. 

The methodology has been successfully tested with participants from various cultural backgrounds and proven to be highly effective at inspiring young people to adopt a more entrepreneurial approach to life. The Startup Experience is now running workshops at leading universities, colleges and high schools in USA, Denmark, Ireland, Malaysia, India, Turkey, Jordan, Tunisia, Mexico, Egypt, Argentina, Kenya, Costa Rica and Colombia. We work directly with the schools or through partnerships with government agencies, NGOs and corporate partners. To work with the Startup Experience please contact us so we can inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs together.

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What people are saying about the Startup Experience:


“I attended the workshop at UCLA, and it was an amazing and inspiring experience. The coaching team was great at taking us through the learning process. Henrik is a great presenter, and I was amazed by the dynamic and passion shared by people ready to take risks and start their own company. Before the workshop, I did not know what was the process to create startup ideas, but now I want to be part of this community, and I feel better prepared.” — Caroline, University of California, USA

“I attended the Startup Experience at PESIT, Bangalore and it was brilliant! It was a truly unique experience that inspired my team to start our own company. Thank you Henrik for your positive energy, enthusiasm and great advice, and thank you Intel for bringing us together to be part of something extraordinary!” —  Aquila Khanam, PESIT Bangalore

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